Your dog is treated like one of our own - including hugs and belly rubs. We never charge extra for playtime, feeding special food. We love being out in the yard with the dogs: Throwing balls till our arms give out, Playing games of chase, Tetherball and Monkey-in-the-middle. Whether they are soaking in the kiddie pool, lying in the shade or plowing though snow drifts, We are there with them - supervising activities and observing each and every dog to insure their safety and happiness. The confidence expressed by our repeat customers is our best advertising including those that have been with us since we first started 31 years ago.
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Take comfort in knowing that your family pet isn't left alone. We love to play and it shows !
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The Hydrant Regency, Inc.
By Appointment Only
Monday - Friday 7:00 AM​ - 6:00 PM
​​Saturdays Closed to Humans
Sundays 8:00 AM - 6:00 

Professional Dog Boarding, and Doggie Daycare Services
Hydrant Regency LLC.
104 Newburyport Turnpike
Rowley, MA 01969
(978) 948-2468
So whether your looking for dog daycare or dog boarding you will see that our dog boarding and doggie daycare dogs are playing indoors or outdoors throughout the day together. We want both of our dog boarding and doggie daycare dogs to have the same option and choice to stay out and play together without charging extra fees for the amount of time they have outside. We want our dog boarding clients or doggie daycare dogs to take part in doing what they choose to. If your dog likes to wrestle and play with other dogs, by all means we want them to do what they like to do most. If your dog likes to bird watch, sun bathe, wrestle, plow through snow drifts, hang out with the humans, fetch ball, or just socialize with other dogs, we want your dog to do just that. 
The Hydrant Regency, Inc is a professional doggie daycare, and dog boarding facility. The Hydrant Regency has been offering its professional pet care services to the North Shore, Ma for the past  31 years. Located in Rowley, Ma. We are proud to offer you peace of mind with a proven track record of safety and security with thousands of family pets. We are very proud to offer your family pet the very best in entertainment and personal care. Whether your looking for long term dog boarding care, or short term dog boarding care we will be sure to help you with either. Our " Live while recording webcams" add additional peace of mind for your viewing pleasure.We are happy to provide you with professional dog boarding or doggie daycare.The Hydrant Regency provides  the most time spent with your canine. Proudly serving- Rowley, Newburyport, Ipswich, Danvers, Georgetown, and Newbury, Ma. and surrounding towns !
Hydrant Regency LLC
"Where Your Dog Stays To Play While You Go Away"​

104 Newburyport Turnpike Rowley, MA 01969    ( 978 ) 948-2468 or ( 978 ) 549-3647

 Dogs are not left alone unattended while playing or socializing for the very reason we are by appointment only.
 31 years
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